Industrial applications

We have the capacity and processes to produce high volumes of different granulated rubber products for industrial use. Our variety of stock will ensure you have the right product you need to get the job done.

Oil and Gas

Rubber crumb is used as seepage loss, lost circulation material and bridging agent for all drilling fluid systems. Rubber crumb is chemically inert and may be added to any water or oil based fluid and will deform under pressure then return to its original shape and size, acting as an effective and lasting seal.

Railroad Ties

Rubber reduces excess noise and can withstand heavy weights and freight speeds. It’s a great sustainable alternative to wood, concrete or steel railroad ties. Rubber has a long life expectancy as it’s weather, mildew, and fungus resistant.

Portable Speed Bumps

Granulated rubber can be painted and molded into portable speed bumps, with the ability to withstand industrial sized equipment.

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