Over 25 years of Sustainable Tire Solutions

We accept and recycle scrap tires, processing them into different high-grade rubber crumbs that we sell for industrial, commercial, and residential solutions– diverting tires from the landfill.

Our company

Incorporated in 1992, Alberta Environmental Rubber Products (AERP) is Aberta-owned and remains the largest scrap tire recycling company in the province. We work closely with the government to provide innovative recycling solutions to collect, transport and process scrap tires from across the province.

Years of Service
lbs of tire crumbs processed per year

Our Facilities

We’ve invested in leading technology to efficiently and safely recycle and process scrap tires into a multitude of high-grade rubber products. Our facility was designed for  high input, allowing us to service and supply across different industries and from residential to industrial.

Talk to a specialist

Our specialists will guide you through our products, helping you find the right solution to meet your project needs. We offer a variety of granulated rubber crumbs products to accommodate residential, commercial, and industrial applications. Not sure what you need? Contact us to schedule a consultation!
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